Introducing… Robyn

robynRole at the theatre / Plays involved in: I have done a bit of everything almost; worked behind the bar, set painting, technical, acting and box office. I have been in many plays including 2 pantomimes (Aladdin and Pied Piper) as well as a Bums on Seats and the Invisible Suit with Young Lit.

Live in: Sheffield (Currently at University but will be back)

How did you get involved? I was told about young lit and then when I got too old for young lit I didn’t want to stop and so I auditioned for the Christmas pantomime last year and have been a part of it ever since.

What do you at Doncaster Little Theatre? At the theatre I am an acting but I have also been given the opportunity to learn how to work behind the bar and serve people as well as learning box office and technical (sound and light).

Best show? My best show would be the Christmas Pantomime of Aladdin as it was amazing. Although I have also done technical for Robin Hood Babes in the Wood which I thoroughly enjoyed 😀

Why should other people become a member? I think others should become a member because it is such a friendly atmosphere and everyone is very welcoming. It also an amazing opportunity to get involved and support your local theatre as well as gaining skills and experience along the way, whilst you haveing fun. Also it isn’t just for the performers of the community, there are many different options including the backstage work, technical or just helping on the bar.

—IF you are or have been in a show—-

What character are you playing, what’s good about playing in this role? Or What are you doing for this show?
My favourite character to play was Wishy Washy in Aladdin. I loved playing this role because I got to be really silly and it was very different to what I am used. I didn’t originally audition for this part but the director encouraged me to try it because they thought that it would be more suited to me and so they helped to find what I enjoyed playing.

What’s your favourite line/song in the play?
My favourite line (or lines) would be in Aladdin and Wishy says ” I can’t see, I can’t see”,