Introducing… Bx

Name: Bxbx

Role at the theatre: Errr – Friend of the theatre

Location: Lowestoft (yes I think I live the furthest away and appear the least so I try to make it count)

How did you get involved? My friends introduced me to the theatre about  years ago after working with them at other festivals on tech work. I helped with some of the tech and loved the friendly atmosphere.

What do you at Doncaster Little Theatre? For those of you who have a geographical understanding of the UK you will know that Lowestoft is not very close (3 hours of not very close)! So I try to visit every 1-3 months to show my face when work allows and I generally help behind the bar. The rest of the time I seem to have fallen into the role of Social Media Manager – meaning I have probably scheduled all the Facebooks posts. Even with living so far away new jobs spring up, I am always surprised by how well supported the theatre is financially but I know that giving only goes so far and have worked on grants in the past in my life on the East Coast so I plan to bring some of that to DLT when I can.

Best show? Panto by far… I try and see it every year. I also enjoy when BBC radio visit the theatre.

Why should other people become a member? It is an amazing community, even as someone on the fringe there are ways for me to be involved. This is especially important as I cannot act, sing or dance, but there is still a place for me here.

Introducing… Dan

Name: Dandan

Role at the theatre: House Manager

Location: Doncaster

How did you get involved? A teacher invited me to help me with my tech work at school.

What do you at Doncaster Little Theatre? What don’t I do. I help with the day to day running of shows. This means I can be behind the bar, in the tech box, painting the stage black or helping in the box office. I also coordinate with other people in the theatre to make sure the whole operation runs as smoothly as possible.

Best show? It’s a tough choice as there have been so many excellent shows, but if put on the spot I would probably pick Blood Brothers.

Why should other people become a member? It’s fun, great place to make friends, meet new people and grow in confidence.